Passive Profits Software Review

Could the Passive Profits Software be a HUGE SCAM?

Find out the REAL TRUTH about the Passive Profits Software in this comprehensive review!passive profits software

Product : Passive Profits Software

Price : FREE Software?

Website :

What Is The Passive Profits Software All About?

Passive Profits was designed by a full time binary investor to automate and fully take control of the trading based on extremely advanced trading algorithms.

The algorithms that power the software are based on advanced strategies used by only the top investors in the binary market and they are reaching high success ratios at 86% or more.

By finding all trade for the investor the Passive Profits makes it possible for any style and skill level trader get started in binary investing.

How Money Is Made With Passive Profits Software + Binary Options?

  1. Turn on the trade signals produced by the software
  2. When the software tells you to place a trade, head to your broker and place it.
  3. Wait for the trade to expire. This is based on a time of your choise.
  4. Win a profit on successful trades.

As long as you use the Passive Profits software you can leave the spotting of profitable trades up to the system.

Then, you just need to place trades that the software tells you to place and follow the steps above to profit.

The software will tell you to place 1 of 2 trades the call or put which are up or down investments. Simply follow the software and place trades as you’re suggested to do so by the live trading signals.

What Is The Broker?

The broker is the starting point for every new investor.

Think of this as the account and trading platform that you will use to do everything.

When the PP software gives you a signal, you place the trade at the broker.

So, without the broker account you can’t place trades and you can’t make money with binary options.


What Is The Minimum and Max Invest Amount Per Trade?

This is dependent on the broker, but there are a few standards that many of the brokers live up to.

Many brokers go as low as $5 per trade while others have a $25 increment. The maximum is $1k and 1k euro.

You will have an option of brokers dependent on your country but this is the range of investment increments per trade.

How To Get The Software For FREE…

You must create a new binary trading account at the broker accepted by your country..

To find the broker that works with the Passive Profits software and your country follow the steps outlined below..

Here’s The Steps To Get Passive Profits + An Instant Trading Bonus..

  1. Click the button below to head to the official website
  2. Enter your details to reserve your copy of the software
  3. Fund your trading account
  4. Download the software and start trading within minutes


Instant Wealth Software Review

Could the all new Instant Wealth Software be a HUGE SCAM?

Hear it all in this comprehensive review of the system!

Product : Instant Wealth Software

Price : FREE software?

Website : wealth software

What Is The Instant Wealth Software?

The software is dedicated to spotting and trading binary options on 99% autopilot.

The system has been “trained” by a profesisonal investor that uses advanced trading strategoies to earn $1k per day with binary investments.

He’s now crafted a software that does the advanced trading on his behalf, and is giving the software away for free for a limited time.

How Binary Options Trading Works?

Binary options is a newer investment opportunity that;s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry.


Because traders love investing and profiting with binary options.. To make money you simply place binary options investments using the “CALL” or “PUT.”

These trades are placed on any one binary option and they mean the exact opposite. Call is a trade that you think will move up and put is the opposite.

So, you may place a put on Gold vs Silver for 30 seconds. If the option ends below the starting price of the binary option you invested in after 30 seconds you win a huge profit.

You can earn up to 95% profit on a single trade, and if you lose you only lose your initial investment in the binary option.


How To Make Money With Instant Wealth Software..

  1. Turn on the software and let it find trades
  2. Place trades at your broker and wait for the trade to expire
  3. WIN huge profits when the trade ends in your favor

Let the software analye the market on your behalf.

When it finds a trade you’ll get an alert which leaves just one job up to you and that is to place that trade.

Is The Binary Broker Required For Trading?


You want to trade options, then you need a broker trading account. This is not unusual with any investment.

If you want to trade stocks you’ll need a trading account with money it and binary trading is the same.

Can You Get The Software For FREE? How?

Just create your account through the Instant Wealth Software site, fund the trading account, and you will get the software for free.

You’ll be sent to the download page after you fund your trading account with initial funds, and you can even get a bonus if you follow the steps below..

Steps To Download The Software For FREE + Instant Trading Bonus..

  1. Click the button below to go to the official Instant Wealth Software site
  2. Enter your details to reserve your copy of the software
  3. Fund your trading account
  4. Download the software and start trading in minutes from now


Channel Ranger Review

Could Channel Ranger software be a huge scam?

Find out the REAL TRUTH about the software in this comprehensive ranger software

Product : Channel Ranger

Price : free

Website :

What Is Channel Ranger Software?

The software is a binary options trading system that automates the process of finding, tracking, and trading binary options.

By focusing on the market while the software is on, the system can find those trades that have the potential to return massive profits.

Simply place the trades and follow exactly what the software tells you to do and reach the high level of successful trades that Channel Ranger is hitting at around 91%.

How The Software Works?

  1. Turn on the software
  2. Let the software give you a binary option
  3. Place the trade that the software suggested
  4. Wait for the expiration of the binary option (you set this when placing the trade)
  5. Profit

You set the expiration on every binary option.

When the option expires you profit on the trades that end in your favor.


How YOU Make Money With Binary..

There are two investment opportunities for ever binary option trade.

You can place a call and a put. The call and put are opposite investments, and when you place these investments you’re choose which direction the option will move.

If the option DOES move in the direction that you choose by the expiration that you choose, you win. This ends as a huge profit in your account and this is how traders are earning $1k+ per day trading options.

Otherwise, you’ll lose the trade. That will cost the initial investment into the option that you started trading but you don’t have to invest thousands on every trade.

You can put as little as $5 in some cases which is great and totally unmatched in traditional investment opportunities – investing $5 in the stock market wont get you much!

What’s The Broker? Do You Need One?

Yes, every trader needs to have there own broker to place trades.

When the Channel Ranger software gives you a “signal” you’ll take the trade suggestion to the broker and place the trade.

Without the broker it’s not possible to invest into the binary options world, so you must create an account.

Is The Channel Ranger Software FREE?

Yes, but you need to sign up for a broker trading account and fund that account.

This must be done through the official Channel Ranger site and more information on this below!

How To Get The Software + Instant Bonus Into Your Trading Account?

You CAN get a bonus with this software but you need to start with the steps below :

  1. Click the button below and go to the Channel Ranger site
  2. Enter your details to reserve your copy of the free software
  3. When redirected to the broker site, create and fund your trading account.
  4. You’ll be redirect to the download page where you can get instant access to the software



Virtnext Software Review

Virtnext just launched but could it be a HUGE SCAM software?

Find out the truth about Virtnext in this comprehensive review of the system!

Product : Virtnext

Price : FREE?

Website :

virtnext software

What Is Virtnext Software?

The software is a new style of automated trading robot that uses proprietary algorithms to find and place binary options investments.

It’s the job of the Virtnext system to find the best trades in the binary market and share those live trade opportunities with you.

Since the Virtnext software does the “heavy lifting” and finds the trades there is not much room for error left up to the investor.

This leads to the highest successful trading ratio currently produced by any comparable software, reaching as high as 92% successful trades.

How Binary Trading + Virtnext Software Works?

You will have two system working in sync and those are the trading broker that you place trades on as well as the software that’s working in the background.

The software finds the trade as mentioned above, and after finding the trades it gives you a signal.

Think of these signals as a trade alert that informs you how and what to trade to make the most money.

All that’s left for you to do after turning on the software is to follow the signals. There will be hundreds throughout the day and you need to place the trades that resonate with you.

virt next

Making Money With Binary Options Investing..

When you head to the broker and place the trade the only thing left to do is wait for the trade to expire.

Every option will start when you choose and end when you choose. The expiration that you choose determines when the trade will end.

If the trade expires in the direction that you choose then you will win that trade.

Keep in mind, there are only 2 trading directions when it comes to binary investments. Those are the call and the put.

The call is the upward move and the put is the down. You’re option will need to move in your chosen direction by the expiration to win a profit of 65-95%.

What to Know About Virtnext System..

There are winning and loosing signals. You must understand that there are no software like Virt Next that can make every trade be a winning trade.

Like other trading robots, you will win some and you’ll lose some but the job of the Virtnext system is to give you more winning trades than loosing trades.

Pros –

  • HUGE successful trades rate that’s unmatched right now
  • Potential to earn massive payments on short trades
  • Play both long and short term trades
  • No previous experience required when using Virtnext software

Cons –

  • The software is ONLY free when you create a new trading account and fund it with a broker
  • Potential to lose money on trades is very real

How To Get Instant Access To Virtnext + an Instant Trading Bonus..

First, click the button and head to the official Virtnext site.

Then, enter your details to reserve your copy of the software

When redirected to the broker be sure to fund your trading account

Finally, you’ll get the software download link so you can start trading


Currency Code Counter Review

Find out how the cash Currency Code Counter works right now.

Could it be another SCAM? FInd out in this comprehensive review!

Product : Currency Code Countercurrenct code counter software

Created By : Andrew AKA Mr X

Price : Totally free

Website :

What’s Currency Code Counter Software?

There are tons of software on the market that give traders insights into how and when to trade but none built like the Currency Code Counter.

The system is capable of finding binary options investments around the fly, and based on more than one hundred beta-testers it finds profitable trades more than 85% of the time.

As “signals” come into the software program traders can leverage these signals by placing heading over to your trading platform (broker) and placing the trades that the CCC software tells you to place.

Who Created Currency Code Counter ?

Andrew is his name and trading is his game. He uses binary options paired with his software to make money every single day as a trader.

Some days he does extremely well using his software alone, pulling in over 4 figures profit.

How You Earn money Using the Method?

Andrew wanted this system to work as simple as possible as he knows new traders and advanced traders will be using this software, so it needs to work for all.

When turned on the software does the rest of the work. The software finds the trade as it looks at the market and can even place the trade in automated mode.


You’re going to get a signal that will inform you some thing like :

Place a trade on Option A at 500.00

Then you head to your broker and the only job you have is to place the trade on Option A at 500.00

This investment can range from as little as $5 with some brokers up to $1k on some trades for more advanced binary investors.

You win the trade when the option is above or below (based on what you choose your starting price.

Is Currency Code Counter Free?

Yes. it’s free but you need to do something to get it for free and that is open and fund your trading account through the broker that is working with both this software and your country.

This investment starts at $200 and you can put more than that, but no less as it is the minimum with most all brokers.

You do get the software included in that investment into the broker though!


Pros –

  • 100% free to download Currency Code Counter
  • Tested and proven to work
  • Huge success rate at 85%

Cons –

  • Some brokers do not work in the US or specific countries
  • Software is free but the investment into the broker starts at $200+

How you can Get Immediate Access To Currency Code Counter ?

  1. Click this link – go to the official Currency Code Counter website
  2. Enter your details to reserve your copy of the software while you can
  3. When you’re taken to the broker, create your account and fund it
  4. Then you’ll get sent to the instant download link so you can start trading with the CCC software today



Dow Focus Group Software Review

Is The Down Focus Group Software a SCAM?

Find out the truth right now!dow-jones

Software : Dow Focus Group

Produced by :

Cost : Totally free Software program?

Official Site :

What’s Dow Focus Group Software?

Jeff Richards just released his brand new software program he’s coined the Dow Focus Group. The job of the software is just as designed by the developer which is to predict profitable trades throughout the trading day, and to do it totally hands free.

Binary options have gone crazy and grown into a billion dollar business with some traders taking away huge profits every single day.

There are some traders using these completely free and totally legal software to get their results and those are the same tools that you’ll see provided by the Dow Focus Group team.

How Do Binary Options Actually Work?

Binary options is really a newer investment model that allows traders to place investments on numerous options like Google vs apple and all it takes it choosing the option and placing the trade.  You also choose the end of the trade, say 30 seconds. At this point, you will win or lose based on the price of the option after the expiration.

You can earn 90% or more per trade when done right, and when you follow professional signals.

When the options doesn’t go in your chosen direction it’s a lost trade, but don’t worry as you don’t lose everything in your account… Just the money invested on the trade.

Numerous investors try and stick with $5 or perhaps $10 to start. You can do the same and increase as you profit.

dow jones focus group software

Who is making money with binary…ANYONE?

Yes, you will find a large number of traders creating earnings every single day. They tap into confirmed signal software just like the Dow Focus Group system and place trades as suggested.

Once they win they profit and they profit large. That’s why so many traders are moving into binary and away from traditional forex.

I Heard The Dow Focus Group Is Free To Join?

If you heard that then you’re correct. To obtain the software just head to their official website and get signed as much as reserve your free copy.

When you do this you can fund your trading account and start earning as soon as today. The software program is free and also you just need money to place trades with whenever you get the Dow Focus Group software.

What Is This Broker You Keep Hearing About?

You MUST open your account to trade with any binary options investments. With out the trading account you cannot trade, and if you don’t do this with the official Dow Focus Group website then you wont get the software free either.

You MUST create the account, fund it, and download the software to start earning with binary.

How to Get Dow Focus Group Software Totally free + Immediate Trading Bonus?

You will go to the official Dow Focus Group website and enter your details which reserves your totally free copy of the software. Once reserved, you will be taken to the binary broker to fund your trading account.

The last step would be to fund your new trading account with cash to invest with and after that you will be taken to the free download page for the software.

In the event you already have an account with the broker in your country you’ll have to create and fund a entire new account to obtain the Dow Focus Group software for free.. Sorry!


Millionaires Blueprint Review

What is Millionaires Blueprint? Is it worth using for your binary options trading? Find out below inside the full Millionaires Blueprint review!millionaires blueprint software

Software – Millionaires Blueprint

Use – Binary Trading

Cost – Free


What is the Millionaires Blueprint software? What is it used for?

Binary options is the name of the game. Binary options is a massively growing industry and people are flooding in due to the massive profit payouts and how much easier it is than forex trading.

The system is automated which means there isn’t any input from the trader needed.. All that is required is that you place trades suggested by the software, and that’s it.

The software finds these trades by using it’s algorithm that is powering the software at all times. The system will find trades for you, tell you what to trade, and even tell you how long to set the expiration on any binary investment.

The only thing left up t the trade when using the Millionaires Blueprint software is to place trades when the software tells you to..

How do you trade with binary option and Millionaires Blueprint?

Anytime the software gets an alert you’re going to hear it.. These alerts are known as signals in the binary options industry and they mean it’s time to trade.

Inside the signal you’re going to get insight into the trade including what option to invest in, the direction the option is going to move, and how long to place the trade for.

trading robot

Is Millionaires Blueprint free to use? Completely?

Yes, the software is completely free to download but there is only one way to get the free download link.

In order to get your download link what you need to do is reserve your copy of the software by heading to the official Millionaires Blueprint website.

Then, once you reserve your copy you’ll be taken to a broker that is working in both your country of residence as well as with the software.

You’ll need to invest funds into the broker account so you can trade as well as get the free download link to the software.

As long as you fund your account with a broker that is currently working with the software and you do it through the official website then you’re going to be able to make money trading options.

Otherwise, you wont be able to get the software for free and you’ll be trading all on your own as a new investor.. Never a good idea.

How can I trade with Millionaires Blueprint right this second?

First, you need to sign up at the official website. Click here to do that.

Then, you’ll be asked to sign up with a broker that works in your country. Once you sign up and fund your account you’ll be taken to the download page for the Millionaires Blueprint software.

The last step is to download the software and fire it up to start receiving signals within minutes from right now. This entire process takes less than 15 minutes to get up and running.


Mega Profix Review

What does the Mega Profix software do? Can it help you profit?

Find out inside the comprehive Mega Profix review below and see how this system can help you with your trading.

Software : Mega Profix Bank Secrets Decipheredmega profix

Use : Binary Trading

Cost for Your Use : Free

Official Website :

What is the Mega Profix software?

Mega Profix is a software that can help a trader decide which trades are most profitable and which ones are not.

The software monitors the market and tracks all the movements of all the binary options. If Mega Profix spots a trend then it shows you immediately where to invest to create trading profits.

Mega Profix is a great software to help build up your portfolio and quickly locate any profitable trades for your to take advantage of any time you feel like trading.

Do I need trading experience to use Mega Profix?

Heck No! Mega Profix was made so that anyone at any trading level could use and profit from their software.

The interface is very easy to understand and how they show you where to invest (the signals) you really can not get lost.

All you need to do is follow Mega Profix’s signals and you should be able to see easy profits roll into your account.

How do you trade with binary options?

When placing a binary options trade or investment you are investing inside the current option’s market value and where it will shift to within a certain amount of time.

When you think that your binary options value will go up you will place a call investment and when you you that your option’s value will do down you place a put investment.

After the time has expired you find out just how much you have profited from your trade.


How much does Mega Profix really cost?

Mega Profix is a free software. It was not created to take any of your profits, just to help you build them.

No matter how much or little you use the Mega Profix software you will never owe any sort of charge.

But to start investing you will need to put money into your account to place a real time trade and in order to do this Mega Profix will have you use their options broker.

Explain the process of using a option broker.

The options broker is the company that takes your money from your credit card or directly from your bank.

They do not charge anything for their use and can can your account funded and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

Is there any customer support?

yesYes there is. If you have any question about funding your account, trading or using the Mega Profix software you should feel free to contact the customer support.

There are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day!

How can I start investing with Mega Profix now?

  1. Click onto the yellow download now button below these instructions to be directed over to the official Mega Profix website (less than 1 minute)
  2. Create your free Mega Profix account with some basic personal information (1-1.5 minutes)
  3. Fund your trading account with the use of Mega Profix’s options broker (4.5 minutes or less)
  4. Download your copy of the Mega Profix software (2 minutes depending on your internet connection)
  5. Start Trading profitably with Mega Profix!


Fast Cash Review

What is Fast Cash all about? Does it really work for trading?

Find out inside the full Fast Cash review below and see if you should expect profits from using it!

Product : Fast Cashfast cash

Use : Options Trading

Cost for Use : Free

Official Website :

What is this Fast Cash System?

Fast Cash is a new software that assists with binary options trading.

If you are a new trader who would like a helping hand trading then Fast Cash might be the right answer for you.

If you are an experienced trader who would like to take the hard work out of trading then Fast Cash might be the correct solution for you.

How can Fast Cash help with my trading?

Fast Cash can help with your binary options trading because it shows you where to invest to become profitable.

The software watches over the binary market 24 hours a day. Once Fast Cash see that a profitable trade can be made it will show you exactly where to invest.


How can Fast Cash predict profitable trades?

Fast Cash is able to work because it has a very detail and unique algorithm. The software was developed to watch over the market and track all the movement.

Once Fast Cash spots a trend inside the market it will analyze the movement. If it decides that the movement could benefit you from investing it will send you a message called an “alert” and will tell you to invest and where.

How do you trade with binary options?

Binary options trading is a easy form of investing to understand. This is because there are only two types of trades to make.

When investing in the binary option market you are investing in your options current value and where it will move to within a certain amount of time.

If you think the value of your option will go up then you place a call investment. If you think that your option’s value will do down then you place a put investment.

After you have decide the type of investment you are placing the clock will start ticking. Once the time has expired you will find out instantly if your trade brought in profits for you.

Some traders using Fast Cash have already seen great return on their investment as high as up to 91%.

If Fast Cash completely free to use?

Fast Cash is completely free for you and any trader to use.

Don’t even think about paying out commissions or getting a large bill in the mail down the road.

But you will need to deposit money into your account before you can start trading and this is done with a options broker.

How do you use the options broker?

When you are funding your account for the first time or adding in additional funds to an already opened account you will have to use a options broker.

The options broker will take your funding straight from your credit card or bank account and put it straight into your Fast Cash account.

Fortunately the options broker that Fast Cash works with does NOT charge any fee on top of what you are funding your account with even if you fund with the minimum amount of $250.

Once you fund your account you can instantly get inside and start trading with your balance.

How can you start trading with Fast Cash right now?

  1. Click onto the download now button below
  2. Enter in your personal information to start your free account with Fast Cash
  3. Get your funding into your account with the use of Fast Cash’s options broker
  4. Download the full copy of the Fast Cash software & begin trading!



The Money Doubler App Review

What is The Money Doubler App software and is it just a scam?

Find out inside the full The Money Doubler App review below and see if this software can help you profit or not!

Software : The Money Doubler Appthe money doubler app

Use : Options Trading

Cost : Free

Official Website :

What Is the The Money Doubler App System?

The Money Doubler App software is a binary options trading software.

The software helps anyone who is interested in binary options trading and is looking for a simple yet profitable solution to their trading.

The Money Doubler App is able to work because it closely monitors the binary option’s market and looks for certain market movements that could to profitable results if invested in.

There is no experience needed to operate The Money Doubler App and no lengthy training course to follow or complete.

All you need to do is log in, follow the signals of where to invest and watch the profits come into your account.

How do the Signals Work with Trading?

When trading with binary options you are investing in your binary options current market value and where it will move to with in a certain amount of time.

When placing your investment you must decide if your value is going to go up or down.

If you think the value will go up then you place a call investment and when you think that it will go down then you place a put investment.

After the time period has ended you will find out if you have won your trade and profited from your investment.

Is The Money Doubler App really Free?

The Money Doubler App is a free system to use and operate for your trading.

Even if you win every single trade with it you will still not have to pay anything.

Is there any other costs that go along with trading?

The only cost is that you need to put money into your account before you can actually place a real trade.

The minimum funding amount for The Money Doubler App is $300 and they will send you over to their options broker to get your money inside your account.

How much does the options broker charge?

The options broker doesn’t charge anything to fund your account.

Even if you fund with the minimum amount you will not owe a dollar.

All the options broker does if take your money and put it inside your account with The Money Doubler App.

If you already have an account opened you will still be sent over to the options broker for funding.

How Can I Start Trading with The Money Doubler App Today?

If you are ready to start taking advantage of the profitable signals from The Money Doubler App then make sure you follow the directions below to create your new account in less than 5 minutes.

  • Click onto the download now button below
  • Create your own personal account with The Money Doubler App
  • Deposit your money into your new trading account with the help of The Money Doubler App’s options broker
  • Download the full copy of the The Money Doubler App software
  • Start trading immediately!